Turbine Impellers

Baan Machines™ has its own range of turbine impellers. Turbine impellers produce a radial flow. We are able to deliver the turbine impellers in various sizes and in single turbine unit models as well as dual turbine unit models. Material: steel, silumin, aluminium or stainless steel.

Main specifications of Turbine Impellers

Type Diameter Height Weight
TS 45 45 mm mm kg
TS 60 60 mm mm kg
TS 80 80 mm mm kg
TS 100 100 mm mm kg
TS 140 140 mm mm kg
TS 160 160 mm mm kg
TS 200 200 mm mm kg
TS 300 300 mm mm kg
TS 350 350 mm mm kg
TD 90 90 mm mm kg
TD 120 120 mm mm kg
TD 130 130 mm mm kg
TD 150 150 mm mm kg
(TS types are single turbine models, TD are double turbine models). (Weight depends on the type of material, please ask. Metrics are not absolute.)