Quick Release Coupling System

Save money and time with the Baan Machines™ shaft coupling system. The couplings allows shafts fitted with different mixing tools (diameter, type, length) to be changed quickly to suit any particular application. The coupling system can be effectively used for wall, rail and mobile mixers which are meant to execute the mixing, homogenizing, colouring and dispersion processes in fixed barrels and containers in the factory. This system saves you money by limiting the time you need to change impeller shafts from the driving system.

The shaft coupling system can be used without tools. So, there is no need to buy, store and manage any tools. Furthermore, you don’t lose a lot of time looking for them.

With our quick coupler the change of agitator shafts is a one minute operation. You save engineer time and you become more production time.

If the weight of the agitator shaft is limited, the job of changing the agitator shaft can be done by one engineer.

The quick coupler is put on the drive shaft. The agitator shafts don’t need a hardened and expensive coupler. They only need an easy one-time preparation. We can do this for you or we can provide your technical staff with instructions for this simple operation. This prevents waiting time for delivery of parts for each new agitator shaft.

The quick coupler ranges from drive shafts from 14mm to 60 mm. Agitator shafts with various diameters are also possible. The diameter of drive shaft and agitator shaft may differ. Our quick shaft coupling system is able to overcome the difference.

The quick release couplings are available in a variety of steel materials.

The couplers are also available for USA inch sizes with corresponding keyways and tolerances. An example is the BMS4747 which supports shafts of 47.625 mm = 1 7/8 inch.

Main specifications of Baan Machines™ Quick Shaft Coupling System

Type BMS Drive shaft ø mm Agitator shaft ø mm
1414/xxx 14 14
1818/xxx 18 18
1919/xxx 19 19
2424/xxx 24 24
2525/xxx 25 25
2828/xxx 28 28
3028/xxx 30 28
3034/xxx 30 34
3232/xxx 32 32
35/28/xxx 35 28
3532/xxx 35 32
3834/xxx 38 34
3838/xxx 38 38
4025/xxx 40 25
4034/xxx 40 34
4228/xxx 42 28
4235/xxx 42 35
4238/xxx 42 38
4240/xxx 42 40
4747/xxx 47.625 mm = 1 7/8″ 47.625 mm = 1 7/8″
4848/xxx 48 48
* Material xxx, C45, AISI303, AISI304 of AISI316.

When you have to repair or overhaul your mixers or grinders in the chemical, ceramic, paint or ink industry, it is a good moment to switch to this quick shaft coupling system.

Baan Machines™ can provide you with agitator shafts on specification. We can also deliver turbine impellers and three blade marine impellers in silumin and in stainless steel of various diameters.