About us

Baan Machines™ is specialized in grinding applications. We deliver machines, installations and parts of machines in chemical, paint, ink and ceramics industries. We also make repairs on ball mills, including linings.

Membership of the Royal Dutch Metaalunie

We deliver grinding products like grinding balls made of different materials, for instance porcelain, Al2O3, zirconium and steel. We have mills ranging from 250 millilitres to 20.000 litres. Moreover, we have powerful solutions for the fast exchange of rotating devices in paint and ink industries. Quick Release Couplings. This is efficient and cost-cutting for a lot of our customers

We design and build machines and parts of machines ourselves and we have business partners in the Netherlands, in Germany, Italy, Spain and China whose products we resell.

Baan Machines™ en Installations BV, in short Baan Machines™, was founded in 1973 in Gouda (Zuid Holland), the Netherlands. In 2002 we moved the office to Reeuwijk. The factory and our logistics department are still situated in Gouda. Baan Machines™ is registered as a trade mark at the Benelux Trademark Office. We are a member of the Royal Dutch Metaalunie.


We are a Dutch company, but we export our products all over the world. Baan Machines™ has already proven itself for over 40 years. So far, most of our clients come from the following countries:

The Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg
Canada Israel Germany
Egypt Indonesia France
Iraq Romenia Ghana
Spain Italy The United Kingdom
United States Sweden Finland