Grinding Media

Balls have an enormous amount of applications. We are specifically focussed on grinding, but there are a lot of other applications for which we can provide the right balls. This section is about grinding media and balls. We refer to our pages about inert balls for other types of applications.

We can deliver grinding media in shapes like balls and cylinders in several kinds of material:

The volume you want to receive may vary:

  • For large industrial grinding applications we deliver balls in units of 1000kg in steel drums or plastic sacks of 25kg on pallets.
  • For laboratories, small production units, dentists, potteries, ceramists and medical applications we can also deliver smaller amounts of balls.
  • We can also deliver complete small sets of mixed grinding balls for jar rolling systems.

Grinding Media in stock

A common problem with grinding media is that if you want your material in a specific quality, shape and size, you usually have to wait a long time for production and logistics. Some clients have questions about which quality to use for certain products.

We try to help you solve these issues by stocking a lot of qualities and sizes in the Netherlands. We are able to deliver the balls on specification with certificates and you can also buy test quantities to be absolutely sure. There is also a possibility for a yearcontract with possibilities for delivery on demand, just in time and for a guarantee for the same quality based on one production run.

Our stock position IN the Netherlands – status – on 14 July 2011 is:

Our main suppliers originate in China, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Germany.