Centrifugal ball mills

Centrifugal differ in some ways from Planetary Mills. We have them available for two sizes of jars 300ml and 1000ml. Primarily meant for laboratory use, these mills are also suitable for grinding small batches of materials in the production plant. The speed of the jar can be adjusted infinitely. The machines are standard with a timer, safety housing with final limit switch and EC documentation.

Main specifications of Centrifugal Ball Mill type FKM 300 S-REG and type FKM 1000 S-REG

Value Amount Unit
Possible jars (*) FKM 300 300; FKM 1000 1000 ml
Motor 0,18 kW
Voltage and Frequency 230 V / 50 Hz
Safety switch yes, standard
Security housing with end switch yes, standard made from polycarbonate (PC) and aluminium profiles
Electronic speed gear standard
Jar speed 90 – 295rpm rpm
Lenght of frame mm
Width of frame mm
Height of frame mm
Weight approx. kg
CE conformation yes
Documentation English or German language
(* We can only guarantee comfortable use with jars that we have delivered or certified.)