Screw mixers – Dissolvers

We can offer several kinds of screw mixers. Among them a combination of mixer and agitator with cross beam and screw mixers installed in a movable stand. We can also provide electrical control systems for the screw mixers and corresponding tanks made of polypropylene. The SQ series of screw mixers / dissolvers are intended for use in ceramic industries. In the picture left an impression of the Mixer Dissolver SQ 1.

Main specifications of Screw Mixer SQ types

Specification SQ 1 SQ 2 SQ 3 SQ 4
Content of container litres 450 litres litres litres
Useful content of container litres 300 litres litres litres
Diameter of container 720 mm mm mm mm
Height of container 750 mm mm mm mm
Material of container polypropylane polypropylane
Diameter of propellor mm 300 mm mm mm
Speed rpm 480 rpm rpm 600 rpm
Motor power kW 2,2 kW kW 7,5 kW
Voltage 400 V, 50Hz 400 V, 50Hz 400 V, 50Hz 400 V, 50Hz
Material of shaft and propellor stainless steel
Protecting Motor switch yes
Security switch yes
Cable and plug yes
2 Castor wheels and 2 fixed wheels optional

Note 1: All parameters are approximately. Note 2: Further details of container: Round-shaped with slanting bottom, discharge near the bottom, one side of the cover to be opened by hinges, the other side with security switch. The conatiner is installed in a framework.