Modelling Wheels

Modelling wheel type MDS is equipped with a speed adjustable drive which is mounted on a rocker plate to allow disengagement, thus enabling manual rotation of the spindle. It is equipped with a cross type mould support. As an option it can also be delivered with a thick plaster plate or a stainless steel wheel. An exchange of wheel may turn this machine into a potter’s wheel. Modelling wheel type MDS-SH has been developed for schools and has some extra’s.

Main specifications of the Modelling Wheels

Specification MDS MDS-SH
Motor power 1,5 kW 1,6 kW
Voltage 230 V/400 V, 50Hz 400 V, 50Hz
Spindle speed, infinitely adjustable 0 – 400rpm 0 – 400 rpm
Wheel diameter mm mm
Length of table 670 mm 670 mm
Depth of table 800 mm 800 mm
Height of table 670 mm 670 mm
Weight of machine 250 kg kg
Working height mm mm

Options for the Modelling Wheels

Specification MDS MDS-SH
Plaster plate yes yes
Diameter plaster plate 500 mm 500 mm
Height of plaster plate 120 mm 120 mm
Stainless steel wheel yes yes
Diameter of stainless steel wheel 500 mm 500 mm
Thickness of stainless steel wheel 30 mm 30 mm


According to the photo of the MDS – SH:

  • Drive as a servo booster
  • No disengagement of the clutch
  • Two speed ranges:
  • 0 – 400 revolutions, one rotation sense via potentiometer
  • 0 – 10 revolutions, both rotation senses via pedal
  • Swivelling template holder, adjustable in height