Jar Rolling Mills 1 – 32 litres

Primarily meant for laboratory use, these mills are also suitable for grinding small batches of materials in the production plant. Jar Rolling Mills are available for use with grinding jars up to approximately 32 litres capacity. The distance between the shafts is adjustable for different jar diameters. Since the peripheral speed of the jars is constant, a larger jar will automatically rotate at a lower speed. The various speeds of jars of different sizes obtained in this manner will suit most purposes. The jar rolling mills can also be equipped with an electronic speed gear.

Jar Rolling Mills for grinding, mixing, polish and dispersion. Jars. Balls. Mahltopfroller.

Main specifications of Jar Rolling Mill type BTPR-D

Value Amount Unit
Usable length rollers 950 mm
Diameter rollers 50 mm
Roller speed (fixed) 380 (max) rpm
Coating rollers PU
Rollers adjustable center distance 115 mm – 200 mm yes
Motor 0,37 kW
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Safety switch in separate housing yes, standard
Electronic speed gear option, standard voltage change to 230V/50Hz
Lenght of frame 1400 mm
Width of frame 350 mm
Height of frame 450 mm
Weight approx. 60 kg
Possible jars (*) 1,0 3,0 or 5,0 10,0 15,0 litres
Number of spacers 3 units
Max. jars 4 units
CE conformation yes
Security housing with end switch yes, standard made from polycarbonate (PC) and aluminium profiles
Documentation English or German language
(* We can only guarantee comfortable use with jars that we have delivered or certified. The number of jars that can be rolled together depends on their size.)

List of options for Jar Rolling Mill type BTPR-D

Electronic Speed Gear (*)
Extra Spacer
Coating Shafts Rubber
Explosion Proof version according to ATEX ExII 3G c T4
Leakage collecting reservoir: Length and width adjusted to jar mill made from stainless steel, minimum incline to one side, with drain cock.
(* This will change the voltage to 230V/50Hz)

Multi-tier jar rolling mills

jarrollingmill-mtOur program also provides multi-tier jarr rolling mills. Based on the BTPR-D, the regular machines have 2 or 3 stories.