Jar and Bottle Roller 0,1 – 5 litres

The UR-1 is a universal rolling machine. It is able to roll various kinds of jars and bottles for a lot of applications. Jars in the range of 250ml to 5000ml from different kinds of material can be handled. Porcelain, glass, alumina 997, plastic, cast polyamide and stainless steel are possible. Also bottles in the range from 100ml to 1000ml can be used. The machines can roll more than one jar or bottle depending on the size. In the picture the UR-1 with additional spacer and rubber rings on the rollers. Polyurethane rollers are standard. The switch cabinet and safety housing, not on the picture, are included.

Main specifications of Jar and Bottle Roller type UR-1

Value Amount Unit
Usable length of rollers without spacer mm
Usable length of rollers with spacer 400 or 500 or 600 *2 mm
Spacer to separate jars/ bottles from each other Option, can be added later, is on the picture
Diameter rollers 33 mm
Shaft speed (variable) 200 – 550 rpm
Rollers polyurethane coating
Shafts adjustable yes
Centre distance of shafts 65 to 165 mm
Max load of rollers 20 kg
Motor 0,12 kW
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Safety switch in separate housing yes, standard
Electronic speed gear yes, standard
Lenght of frame 625 *2 mm
Width of frame 330 mm
Height of frame 190 mm
Weight approx. 27 kg
Possible jars (*) 0,25 0,50 1,0 3,0 or 5,0 litres
Possible bottles (*) 0,100 0,250 0,500 or 1,0 litres
Max. jars or bottles 2 units
CE conformation yes
Security housing with end switch (not on the picture) yes, standard
Documentation English or German language
(* We can only guarantee comfortable use with jars and bottles we ourselves have delivered or certified. Typical jars: Cylindrical jars, diameter 40 – 230mm. The number of jars and bottles that can be rolled together depends on their size. *2 Lenght of the frame varies depending on the usable lenght of the rollers. We have three versions of the rolling machine, the UR-1-400, UR-1-500 and the UR-1-600).
Tips: Check distance of rollers versus your jar or bottles. Check your needed speed of the jar, you can calculate it by speed of the rollers * diameter of the rollers/ diameter of the jar. If the weight of your jar is very low we advice additional dummy weight. If your bottles diameters are to small you may consider a holder with bigger diameter in which you bottle can be placed. This is also an option if you want other than circular rolling.

Applications UR-1

Applications for the UR-1 can be found in small factory environments or laboratories in the ceramics, chemical, paint, ink, food, agriculture and dental industry. Because of its flexible possibilities the UR-1 is often used by laboratories for contract research.


The package stability of paint can be tested. By rolling the paint in bottles shear stress provides a rapid simulated aging process. Benefit: Rolling for 48 hours can represent a one year aging process and the results are more reliable than a high temperature test.
Dispersion of hydrophobic carbon black in aqueous media. In the ball or jar mill the energy of the collisions with the grinding media overcome inter-aggregate attractive forces of the carbon black. The result is a break down into primary aggregates and a better dispersion. Stabilized carbon black aggregates in dispersion can be equipped with for instance antibodies in order to serve as a label system.