Porcelain Jar for Rapid Mill

Our melon shaped porcelain jars have been designed for use in rapid mills and they can grind both wet and dry materials. They are available in three different capacities 0,3 litres, 1 litres and 1,5 litres. The jars are made of porcelain alumina. They are fired at high temperature and are free from porosity. Their hardness is above 8 on Mohs scale. The external surface is white glaze. The jars are supplied with nylon lid and seal. There are also jars with ceramic lids available. The gasket is no-toxic and the jars originate from the European Community.

Jar Porcelain 300ml for rapid mill

Main specifications of Porcelain jars for rapid mills with nylon lid

Type Content in Litres Height/Height incl. cover  in mm Diameter Jar in mm Diameter opening in mm Diameter seal in mm Weight in Kg
JPRM 300 0,390 85 / 135 68 85ext/63int 1,0
JPRM1000 0,989 115 / 170 68 85ext/63int 2,25
JPRM1500 1,788 145 / 195 90 110ext/80int 3,0

Material specification for the jar:
Al2O3  66%
SiO2    32%
Other     2%

Note: Ceramic lids cannot be used on jars meant for nylon lids. The shape of the mouth of the jar is different.

We deliver grinding balls in steel, ceramics, aluminium oxyde, Al2O3 and various stainless steel qualities.