Screw Mixers and Tanks

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We can offer several kinds of screw mixers. Among them a combination of mixer and agitator with cross beam and screw mixers installed in a movable stand. We can also provide electrical control systems for the screw mixers and corresponding tanks made of polypropylene. Please visit our other pages for larger mixers, tanks and reservoirs of steel and stainless steel.

Main specifications of Screw Mixer Combination.

Screw mixer combination of mixer and agitator with cross beam.
Appropriate for tanks of approx. ø 900mm, height 1000mm.

Technical Data Screw Mixer Combination
Motor type flat gear motor
Motor capacity 1,5 kW
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Speed Approx. 300 / 600 rpm
Shaft Rust proof material
Propellor Rust proof material
Propellor size ø 250 mm
Cross beam painted steel

Electrical control system for Screw Mixer Combination.

Installed in a steel switch cabinet with all necessary control units and switching devices. Supply voltage: 400V, 50 Hz. Mode of operation (mixing/agitating) selectable by reversing switch.

Main specification of Tank made from polypropylane.

Appropriate for screw mixer combination.
With flat bottom and cover.

Technical Data Tank made from polypropylane
Inner diameter approx. 900mm
Inner height approx. 1000 mm
Discharge flange, near ground level
Clearance discharge / footprint approx. 500mm

Main specification of Screw Mixer installed in a Movable Stand

The machine consists of a movable stand with 2 guide rolls and 2 fixed rolls, the height adjustable mixer and the electrical installation.
The mixer is equipped with a gear motor, the mixing shaft made from rust proof material, and a three-bladed plastic propeller.
The mixer can be moved vertically by means of an electrically operated rope winch on a lineair guiding system. Electrical control system with frequency convertor and safety switching devices.

Technical Data Screw Mixer installed in a Movable Stand
Motor capacity 1,1 kW
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Speed Approx. 100 – 600 rpm
Vertical adjusting range Approx. 1000 mm
Diameter propeller ø 250 mm

We can also provide:

  • Tanks made from polypropylene, steel or stainless steel. If desired they can be made movable.
  • Larger mixers.
  • Our own range of turbine impellers in stainless steel or silumin.
  • Our own range of marine impellers in several kinds of steel.
  • Quick shaft coupling systems for driving shafts in the range of 18 to 48 mm and impellor shafts in the range of 18 to 48 mm.
  • Impellor shaft and driving shaft can be of a different size.