Mixing Shafts & Overhaul Sets

Complete new sets for the repair or overhaul of mixers in the chemical, ceramic, paint and ink industry.

The sets are based on our cost effective Baan Machines™ quick coupling system for mixers and agitators and the parts are the following:

  1. One quick coupler to put on the drive shaft.
  2. Five agitator shafts which are prepared for the quick coupler.
  3. Five turbine impellers attached to the agitator shafts.

Main specifications of Mixing Shafts Overhaul Sets

Drive shaft side: Ranging from 18 to 48 mm driving shaft ISO.
Shafts with a lenght of 30omm to 2000mm in various shapes and thicknesses.
Turbine impellers: See our datasheet about them.