Bottom Cleaner

About the Bottom Cleaners

Bottom cleaners for removing excess glaze from the bottom of dip-glazed or spray-glazed ceramic articles.
The V-belt vulcanized onto the bottom side of the rubber sponge ensures true running.
We offer two different types of bottom cleaners:
– type GP 120 (K) with a working area of 300 mm length
– type GP 120/500 (K) with a working area of 500 mm length

Main specifications of the Bottom Cleaners

Specification GP 120 (K) GP 120/500 (K)
Motor power 0,37 kW 0,37 kW
Voltage: 400 V, 50Hz 400 V, 50Hz
Belt Speed 7m/min 7m/min
Width of belt 360 mm 360 mm
Length of belt 967 mm 1360 mm
Thickness of belt 10 mm 10 mm
Lenght of working face 300 mm 500 mm
Lenght of machine 740 mm 940 mm
Width of machine 750 mm 750 mm
Height of machine 800 mm 800 mm
Weight of machine 60 kg 60 kg

The bottom cleaners are including start/stopp, emergency stop, chassis with 4 wheels and rubber sponge.

Rubber sponges 967 x 360 mm (endless), 10 mm thick

Nowadays, we offer our rubber sponges with the V-belt inside in order to ensure true running. The machines are equipped with a corresponding groove.
1. Medium, green, with V-belt
2. Medium, green, without V-belt
3. Hard, blue, with V-belt
4. Hard, blue, without V-belt
5. Medium, orange, with V-belt
6. Medium, orange, without V-belt
7. Hard, orange, with V-belt
8. Hard, orange, without-V-belt