Laboratory Crucibles

Our partner for the Extreme High Quality (EAL) series grinding jars is specialized in the manufacturing of technical ceramic products obtained from metallic oxides of great purity such as Alumina (Al2O3) and Zirconia (ZrO2).  Based on this a line of products has been developed for Laboratories which can now also be supplied by Baan Machines in the Benelux and many other countries.

  • Cylindrical Crucibles
  • Conical Lows
  • Tall Crucibles
  • Fitting Lids
  • Boats
  • Rectangular Dishes
  • Round Dishes
  • Material: Al2O3 99,7%
  • Other material possibilities:
    • Aluminium Titanate / Zircon / Mullite
    • Yttria stabilized Zirconia (8%)
    • CaO or MgO stabilized Zirconia

The standard range of crucibles is manufactured in Alumina 99.7%. To order, the different items can also be supplied in Zircon, Mullite, Y-PSZ, Mg-PSZ, Ca-PSZ and Aluminium Titanate.

The products have had ISO 9002 certification since 15 October 1998.