Alumina Jars for Rapid Mills

Our melon shaped alumina jars have been designed for use in rapid mills. They are available in three different capacities 0,3 litres, 1 litres and 1,5 litres. The jars are made from alumina, 65-68% Al2O3 and caolin and feldspat. The opening and the outside, excluding the bottom, have been glazed. The jar is supplied with cover lid and gasket. The lid is from PVC and the gasket is made from natural rubber. The jars originate from the European Community.

Main specifications of Alumina jars for rapid mills

Table of models and dimensions

Type Content in litres Height/Height incl. cover in mm Diameter pot in mm Diameter opening in mm Weight in g
JRM 300 0,3 85 / 93 134 64 900
JRM1000 1 106 / 110 170 64 2200
JRM1500 1,5 140/ 205 130 3800

Option: Cover lids can be made of alumina 92% Al2O3.

Nomenclature: 8474

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