Mixing Kneaders

Mixing kneader type MK5 is the standard steel version. It has a high capacity. It is possible to add a vacuum attachment.

Mixing Kneader type MK 5, standard steel version

The mixing kneader with screw discharge is a combination of a preparing and a homogenizing machine which is a cross between the well-known Z-arm kneader and an extruder. This particular combination secures the advantages of intermittent (thus very exact) mixing and kneading of the clay body with those of extrusion as a shaping method. The machine can handle all kinds of different material, from crude or ground clay to filter cake and prepared body, granulates or powder.
This unit prepares crude clay and ground clay batchwise and is simply set in the continuous mode for homogenizing filter cake. The shape of the emerging column depends on the type of die which is used.

Technical data MK 5 Value
Mixer content (plastic body) approx. 50 kg
Case length approx. 500 mm
Case height approx. 400 mm
Case width approx. 400 mm
Worm diameter 150 mm
Motor power mixer 3kW
Motor power worm 2,2 kW

Option: Infinitely variable speed control of the worm by means of a frequency convertor installed in the switch cabinet.

Mixing kneader type MK 5 with vacuum attachment type VV1 or VV2

This combination of machines unites the advantages of a mixing kneader with those of a de-airing pug mill. The mixing kneader intensively kneads, mixes and homogenizes the material to be processed.
The vacuum attachment de-airates the body and produces a column the shape of which depends on the die in use.
Such units can be used for processing crude clay, ground clay, filter cake, prepared body, granulates or powders.

If the vacuum attachment is combined with the mixing kneader, the frequency converter for the infinitely variable speed control of the mixing kneader’s worm shaft, is necessary.

Technical data vacuum attachment Type VV 1 Type VV 2
Motor power 2,2 kW same
Speed of worm approx. 25 rpm same
Cylinder diameter 100 mm 150mm
Motor power vacuum pump 0,75 kW 1,1 kW
Suction capacity 10 m³/h 25 m³/h