Rake Blunger

Rake blungers are used for keeping liquid ceramic media in motion. The slow running agitator prevents sedimentation and deairates the slip while sustaining its homogeneity. All parts in contact with the product are available in steel with cover out of glass fiber reinforced plastic, in alumium or in special steel.


Standard capacities 500 litres, 750 litres, 1.500 litres, 1.700 litres, 2.100 litres, 3.000 litres, 5.000 litres, 7.500 litres, 10.000 litres, 15.000 litres, 20.000 litres. Note: The picture is not recent, it gives only an impression. Paddle blungers keep liquid ceramic media in motion and prevent sedimentation. They are available in standard capacities 450 litres, 750 litres, 1.300 litres, 1.700 litres, 2.100 litres. They are described elsewhere.

Technical data Rake Blunger type GRW 0 Value
Motor capacity 0,55kW
Speed 20 rpm
Material shaft stainless steel
Material Rake stainless steel
Rake 4 bars 20x20mm, lenghth 700mm
Cross beam for fitting the rake blunger to the tank included
Electrical installation including protective motor switch (= on/off switch + emergency stop), cable, plug. 400V, 50Hz

Tanks 500 litres for Rake Blunger type GRW 0

The tanks with net content of approx. 500 litres can be made from polypropylane or stainless steel.

Technical data tanks for Rake Blunger type GRW 0 TPP 500 TSS 500
Usefull capacity 500 litres 500 litres
Gross content 580 litres 580 litres
Inside diameter 800 mm 800 mm
Inside height 1150mm 1150mm
Rim of the tank for fitting the cross beam of a rake blunger Yes Yes
Discharging equipment near the bottom (DN 32) with valve flap Yes Yes
Cover, half of it to be opened by hinges Yes Yes
Motor controlled by security switch if cover is opened Yes Yes
The tank is assembled in a base frame, wich can be moved by means of a hand lift Yes Yes
Suitable pump installed on the frame Option Option
Pipeworks between pump and tank Option Option