Inert Ceramic Ball BSM-700

Bed support Media manufactured from very high quality porcelain clay materials, whith quite excellent stability, high mechanical strength and resistance to thermal shock. An ideal choice for support for many types of catalysts.

Steatite Balls

Main specifications of Inert Ceramic Balls type BSM-700

Material Properties Units Steatite
Specific Gravity g/cm3 2,5
Water absorption % <0.05
Compressive strenght Kg/cm2 8,500
Coefficient of lineair thermal expansion (20ºC – 1000ºC) X10(-6)/ºC 8.5
Moh’s Hardness Scale >6.5
Abrasive loss % <0.008
Chemical and Main Specifications Value
SiO2 66-68%
MgO 23-24%
AL2O3 5-6%
Fe2O3 <0.50%
Na2O 0.10%
CaO 0.50%