Filter presses and Pumps

Filter presses serve for dewatering ceramic body and sewage sludge. In the ceramic industry, the filter cake is further processed in (vacuum) extruders.

In sewage engineering, clear filter outflow denotes well-compacted, stackable filter cake. The size of the plates is from 250X250 mm tot 1.000X 1.000 mm.

The smaller sizes are with manual hydraulic closing. The 630x 630 mm, 800x 800 mm and 1.000x 1.000 mm are equiped with a full hydraulic closing and chamber shifting device. Suitable feeding pumps in different designs can be delivered according to filter press capacity.

Main specifications of Filter Presses with manual hydraulic closing including corresponding Pumps

Specification FP MHC 250X250 FP MHC 400X400 FP MHC 470X470
Dimensions of filter plates 250X250 mm 400X400 mm 470X470 mm
Max. working pressure 16 bar
Column for charging device and hydraulic system for slime access DN 50 PN 16
Pressure plate yes yes yes
Material of side beams Steel
Hydraulic closing syetem yes
Closing Pressure 450 bar
Capacity motor pump 1,1kW
Voltage 400 V, 50Hz 400 V, 50Hz 400 V, 50Hz
Electrical installation in switch cabinet yes
Filter 30 chambers
Filter Area 11,4 m3
Filter Volume 150 dm3
Thickness of Filter Cake 30 mm
Material of filter plates polypropylene
Filter cloth polypropylene
Discharging angles polypropylene
Hand operated drip plate polypropylene
Documentation included yes German, English, French
EC declaration yes
Air operated Diaphragm Pump for the filterpress see below
Input medium Ceramic slip
Feed rate 0 – 6m3/hour
Feed pressure / inlet pressure Max. 16 bar / 8 bar
Material of pump (contact) plastic
Ready for connection with piping for slime access Yes
Shut of valve Included
Purging valve Included
Compressed air service unit Included
Air-cored reactor Included
Magnetic valve Included