Alumina Al2O3 grinding balls now on stock

We have noticed that a lot of our clients need their grinding balls on short notice. Therefore we have enlarged our stock in alumina (Al2O3) grinding balls.

Alumina grinding balls are widely used in ball mills as abrasive media for ceramic raw materials and glaze materials. Ceramic, cement and enamel factories as well as glasswork plants use them because of their excellence of high density, their high hardness, and their high wear resistance. During the abrasive/grinding processing, ceramic balls will rarely be broken and the contamination factor is minimal.

Balls with higher grades of Al2O3 starting from 95% are also used in the Biochemical and the Medical Industry, especially the Dental and Bone related industry. The highest grade we can deliver is 99,7%.

As you know we recently also enlarged ourĀ zirconium (ZrO2), and steatite grinding balls stock after increased interest by our clients.